Top Five Miami Restaurants for Dining During a Hurricane

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During the coming week, you'll be hearing and reading a lot about how this Friday kicks off the official hurricane season in South Florida. You will be privy to all manner of advice on how to best weather the potential storms, and the very word hurricane will blow into your ears over and over again like a relentless wind.

Here's my tip: Don't go out to eat during any sort of tropical storm.

On the other hand, if you should happen to be dining out when a hurricane unexpectedly visits, or if you live in a flimsy abode and wisely decide to seek shelter in a restaurant, these are the five best places to be.

5. PM Fish & Steak House
The place is built like a fortress -- brick on the outside, brick on the inside, and not many windows. There are giant wood ceiling beams that appear capable of withstanding a Pompeii-like volcano, never mind a hurricane. The ceilings soar, and the spacious 202-seat dining arena is divided into separate rooms, so it should prove less claustrophobic than the average restaurant. The kitchen is large and there's a lot of food kept in stock. Plus, if you're stranded here with the staff for any extended period of time, you can take the opportunity to improve your Spanish.

George Martinez
Plenty to read (and eat) at Books & Books.
4. The Café at Coral Gables Books & Books
Storms start out with an exciting bang, but eventually the days can tend towards the boring side if you don't figure out a way to occupy your time. Nothing beats hanging out at home with some food, drink, and a good book, except for maybe hanging out in a book store with other people, and rooms filled with books, magazines, and all manner of reading material, and food prepared for you -- plus a wine bar. Books & Books in Coral Gables has all that, and if the hurricane arrives on a Friday evening, you might get some musicians providing live music too. That would be nice. An author giving a reading could be interesting as well, although if the writer turned out to be a bore, the experience might become a living hell ("Moving on to the inspiration for my 14th historical novel, The Mormons of Mississippi, let me say that..."). But back to the bookstore: Bistro-style sandwiches, cheese boards, fresh fruit, spring rolls, crudités, and other light fare, as well as tempting desserts. Granted, the dining area will have to be moved from the courtyard indoors, but the reading room can be utilized; there are plenty of chairs, which can be used to sleep on. If you doubt this, you have evidently never sat through a poetry reading.

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