Wynwood Food Truck Roundup Off, But There Will Be Trucks (Update)

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Wynwood food truck roundup cancelled again.
Beached Miami reported yesterday that the Second Saturday Street Food and Music Festival in Wynwood, scheduled for this Saturday, May 12, was cancelled due to permitting issues.

Sakaya Kitchen's manager, Szilvia sent out an email to food truck owners simply stating,
"Hello Everyone, Unfortunately the Wynwood event is not going to happen this month on the lot; the City will not give the permission. See you hopefully next month."

Short Order called Sakaya Kitchen, where the message was confirmed.
Hales is out of the country on business and could not be reached for comment. Short Order called the City of Miami's events permitting department, which said that a permit application had not been filed for this weekend's food truck event.

The monthly roundup was plagued by permitting issues after the site of the event at 210 NW 22nd Lane changed ownership and event permit applications had to be refiled. Last month, Hales didn't get word that his permit had been approved for the Saturday evening event until that Friday afternoon. The food truck roundup is attended by thousands of people monthly who come to eat from over two dozen food trucks and listen to live music.

It's likely there will be food trucks though. A smaller event organized by Food Truck Invasion at 250 NW 24th Street and listed on Miamifoodtrucks.com is also unconfirmed at this time, per the organizer. Short Order will update this post with new information, as it is uncovered.

Update:  Event organizer Richard Hales sent Short Order a message from Asia. He said he "worked the entire month trying to get an extension and it was not granted."  He also said that he was "working the entire month with the director of zoning to get the extension."  As of this update, the food truck event is still a no go for this weekend.

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How many permits do you need for this event? 


Dude, you have to have a plan in place when you are out of town. Come on and get your head out of your ass. Really?


 Didn't Hales step in last min last month bc the trucks were having a hard time getting the permit needed? Can't sit around waiting for others to make moves for you...


Hales was working on it while away; this is issue goes back to previous event due to Brad Knoefler. Not sure if you deal with permits and issues with the city, it could be a lot of red tape involve...

Laine Doss
Laine Doss

 Hales has always been the organizer of this event and yes, he's a driving force.  But he is out of the country on a planned trip.  We're likely to see the event next month.

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