Best Fast Food That Miami Is Missing

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Here at Short Order we consider ourselves connoisseurs of the best gourmet grub Miami has to offer, but there's always room for a little quick and easy (and often greasy) indulgence every now and then.

When those fast-food cravings come calling, Miamians have more than their fair share of McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Pollo Tropical locations to choose from. But sadly, as any transplant can tell you, we're missing out on some of the best on-the-go eats that other cities offer.

Here's our list of the top fast-food joints we'd like to see make their way to the Magic City.
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6. Whataburger
Our North Florida cousins are lucky to have this popular Southern burger chain at their growling stomachs' beck and call. The pink-slime-free establishment is famous for its make-your-own burger options, which include a whopping 36,864 ways to get your beef on.

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5. Taco Cabana
This self-billed Tex-Mex "patio café" serves tasty Mexican favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. An impressive alternative to Taco Bell, Taco Cabana dishes up sizzling fajitas and also offers items to suit vegan and gluten-free customers' unique needs. Score.

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4. Jack in the Box
This primarily West Coast favorite makes the best burgers, tacos, and Oreo shakes in five minutes or less. A late-night mecca, Jack in the Box boasts locations that are open 18 to 24 hours, and its sense of humor alone is reason enough to love it.

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La Spada Subs in Davie, and Le Tub burger in Hollywood!


Agree with #1 (In-N-Out)...Whataburger should be #2....another thing Miami needs: a Zaxby's


Hardees/Carl's Jr.--Best fast food bacon cheeseburgers ever, totally addictive.


@NJ R there used to be some here in soflo

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