Gravity Brewbar and Panther Coffee: Coffee Beer at Brewhouse Bash

Wynwood coffee roaster Panther Coffee and Gastropod Mobile Gourmet food truck are teaming up with local beer artist Diego Ganoza from Gravity Brewbar. On June 22, they'll host the Brewhouse Bash.

Panther Coffee is honchoing the event from 7 to 10:30 p.m. and Ganoza will be ready and waiting with at least 20 gallons of beer, some of which is brewed from Panther's very own coffee beans. The event is free. Gastropod will be on hand providing some very delicious eats.

Ganoza is tapping a kegs of his Cortadito Porter and Black IPA brewed with Panther's espresso and Colombian blends, respectively. Coffee in beer, you ask? Yes, and it's brewed with oats too. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "beer for breakfast".

"Cortadito is definitely meant to be a breakfast beer," Ganoza says. "We're kinda pushing the envelope with that ingredient. It's a very strong flavor and it's tough to all of the nuances to transfer well into the beer."

Oats have been used in beer for a long time actually. They give the beer a better "mouth feel", or a fuller texture inside the mouth. And with the espresso coffee,this stuff promises to be a real eye-opener.

Ganoza will also be tapping a keg of Saison, a refreshing farmhouse-style ale brewed in the winter months to be ready for summer.

These are some of the unique beer flavors Ganoza will have available at Miami's newest brewpub, Gravity Brewbar, coming soon to Wynwood.

In fact, Gravity Brewbar and Panther Coffee will be neighbors. That's how this whole event got started.

Ganoza walked into Panther one day and proposed the idea of a collaboration to co-owner Joel Pollock, a Portland, Oregon native who is a total craft beer fan. Ganoza brought in a couple kegs of pineapple express and a cherry lambic and it was on for the Brewhouse Bash.

Gravity Brewbar will be right next to Panther. The contract is almost finalized, with some legal stuff to negotiate and getting the final approval from the city of Miami. Ganoza is predicting a later Summer to early Autumn opening.

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Attended the event, if this is the future of craft brewing in Miami then we are in serious trouble.

Tired of the Brew BS
Tired of the Brew BS

how much more can we hear about a brewery that's "going" to open up. i think miamians are far more interested in hearing about businesses that have opened and are contributing something meaningful to our city, instead of these multiple tastings of subpar experimental beers at spaces that have already achieved successes of their own (ie broken shaker & panther coffee).  enough with the gravity brew bullshit.  either open or shut up about it until you do...

Spelling 101
Spelling 101

"It brings a whole KNEW meaning?!?"

Nice writing, David. Jesus.


 As a Miamian, I am interested in hearing about breweries that are going to open up.  I've tried two of their beers, and both were excellent..and BTW, you do realize that since they are not a business yet and are not licensed to sell beer, they are giving away the beer for free?  You're that upset about free beer?  I'd hate to see what else you get stressed about in life.

Sawyer Bradley
Sawyer Bradley

eat your salad, Michael.  No croutons, no dressing.  

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