Johnathan Wakefield, World-Ranked Homebrewer, and LoKal Burgers & Beer Team Up For Dinner

LoKal Burgers & Beer
Miami's world-ranked home brewer Johnathan Wakefield and LoKal Burgers & Beer in Coconut Grove are teaming up for a beer pairing tomorrow (Friday). Snobs and foodies, here is another chance to get together.

The pairing starts at 6 p.m. and for $42, you get a three-course meal including Wakefield's world-class beers.

For appetizers, you can choose either ceviche or guacamole paired with Wakefield's Moral Imperative Watermelon Berliner Weisse.

The main course is a choice between the Royal Burger paired with a pineapple kolsch, a Turkey Burger coupled with Miami Madness or a third burger option that is not on the menu called the Miami Heat Burger, a spicier option served with a pineapple kolsch.

For dessert, tiramasu will come with Omega Noir Russian Imperial Stout -- ABV of 13 percent.

At 8 p.m., pints of Wakefield's beers will be poured. A Mate Bliss Brown Ale will be served. For backup, Wakefield is also bringing an extra five gallon keg of Mango Mamacita Berliner Weisse.

After trying Wakefield's berliners on Hunahpu Day at the Cigar City brewery up in Tampa last March, LoKal's bar manager David Rodriguez contacted Wakefield.

At first Rodriguez wanted to do a tap takeover, but Wakefield suggested they do a pairing. They met last month and hashed out a menu.

"We try to represent the local beer scene as best we can," Rodriguez says. "If it was up to me all of our taps would be local."

If you don't recall, Wakefield's beer is ranked among the top 10 beers of the world, according to, with his passion fruit and dragon fruit Berliner weisse currently ranked at number eight. He was also a guest brewer at Cigar City, brewing a pineapple kolsch with them.

Wakefield specializes in brewing Berliners, which are lower-alcohol sour wheat beers with a more refreshing profile. According to legend, Napoleon Bonaparte's troops called Berliners "the Champagne of the North."

"It's really the best of both worlds because you can order dinner and get beer or you can come after 8 and just get beer," Wakefield says. "I don't think anyone will be disappointed."

Wakefield is bringing five gallons, and the pairings will last until the beer runs out or until close, whichever comes first. There is no RSVP required, it's all first come, first served. Beer pours are eight ounces each.

If you haven't had Wakefield's Berliners, stay tuned for a tap takeover somewhere in Miami next month.

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LoKal Burgers & Beer

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It's illegal for a bar or restaurant to knowingly serve unlisenced beer either for free or pay or trade. 

Same goes for beer not legally distributed in the state.

It's technically illegal to serve homebrew anywhere that charges for entrance, such as a beer festival, although rarely enforced.The restaurant could be fined or have their license suspended.  


Is it legal for a restaurant to sell home brewed beers, or are they for free???? Is Jonathan Wakefield a licensed manufacturer and distributor in the State of Florida?, and is he receiving money or gifts from his beer dinner pairings or tap take overs? This seems to be a very grey area, as Florida has a strict 3 tier system!

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