Lorena Garcia, Robyn Almodovar on Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef Masters

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Robyn Almodovar is suited up to do battle... in Hell.
For decades, talent scouts and filmmakers have scoured our tropical city in search of beautiful faces attached to perfect tanned bodies. It's true that Miami has more than its fair share of perfection in human form. But we also have talent and brains to go with that beauty.

Take local chefs, Robyn Almodovar and Lorena Garcia, for example. While both are clearly beautiful, they also have the skills and cunning to land them on two of the most popular cooking shows on television for the upcoming summer season.

The chefs join a growing list of Miami chefs who have appeared on television cooking shows.

Jeff McInnis (Yardbird Southern Table & Bar), Kenny Gilbert (Swine Southern Table & Bar), Andrea Curto-Randazzo, Howie Kleinberg (Bulldog Barbecue), and Micah Edelstein (neMesis Urban Bistro) have all appeared on Top Chef as contestants, while Paula DaSilva (1500 Degrees at Eden Roc) competed on Hell's Kitchen.

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Lorena Garcia
Lorena Garcia - Top Chef Masters
Lorena Garcia is one of 11 chefs competing on season four of Top Chef Masters. This spinoff of the wildly popular, Emmy award-winning Top Chef, pits seasoned chefs and restaurateurs against each other in weekly battles for culinary supremacy.

Garcia will be competing against heavy hitters like two-time James Beard winner and former Oprah Winfrey chef Art Smith, Chris Cosentino (Incanto Restaurant, San Francisco), and James Beard winner Debbie Gold (The American Restaurant, Kansas City). Chef/author/critic/tweeter Ruth Reichl and Saveur's editor-in-chief James Oseland are among the judges who will be deciding which chef packs their knives each week. Top Chef Masters season four premieres Wednesday, July 25 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Garcia is the owner and executive chef of Lorena Garcia Cocina at Miami International Airport, and plans to expand her restaurant concept of healthy Latin food to Atlanta International and Dallas-Ft. Worth International airports. The Venezuelan-born chef moved to the U.S. to complete an associate's degree in paralegal studies before deciding to trade in the law books for a set of knives. After graduating Johnson & Wales culinary arts program, Garcia traveled the world to complete her education, working as an apprentice in kitchens in France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and China before heading back to Miami.

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Palate Party
Robyn Almodovar - Hell's Kitchen
Robyn Almodovar is a contestant on the slightly edgier Hell's Kitchen.  You know -- the one that has chef Gordon Ramsay scream, belittle, and intimidate chefs while the world watches. Almodovar is one of 18 chefs who will volunteer for weekly verbal abuse by Ramsay as they compete for the grand prize -- a job as head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, where they will get to be abused by Ramsay on a regular basis.

Almodovar is uniquely qualified for the high-pressure circus of a television show. As the owner of the Palate Party food truck, Almodovar has experienced first-hand large crowds, rain-outs, and even a propane tank accident that had the chef airlifted to Broward General Hospital last September.

A Le Cordon Bleu graduate, Almodovar has worked at the Hyatt Regency Fort Lauderdale and The Forge in Miami Beach before rolling out her food truck.

Hell's Kitchen premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox, with part two of the premiere airing tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Chef Almodovar is hosting a watch party tonight at the Food Truck Invasion at Arts Park in Hollywood. Dine at one of the 28 food trucks from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m., the watch Hell's Kitchen at 8 p.m. with chef Almodovar from the Palate Party truck.

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Tim Miltz
Tim Miltz

Actually,  Gordon Ramsay should come out with a new show "Gangland Chefs" Arm them - and hold the show in international waters so the contestants can actually just kill each other with no consequence to trial. The winner ? is simply the last one alive. Come on Robyn - let's see LESS violence as a solution, less 'tough guy' and more compassion and caring.  Focus on the food. I'll give some wiggle room and patience to see you grow here. Otherwise - there is a reason you never see gangland mentality in anyone over 30. They all simply kill someone and end up doing life or getting killed in a drive by. Is THAT what all of our ancestors wanted ? to take ALL the hard work of your father and grandfather and ever grandmother and waste it all on chump change adolescent violence ?  I expect more. Gordon doesn't threaten to HIT people- or 'if this were the hood' Gordon DOES lose it  But Gordon isn't a threat to society.   Gang bangers are. Drop the hood stuff Robyn - move on - move up !  Wish you the best- really.

Tim Miltz
Tim Miltz

Gordon has taken Hell's Kitchen and turned it into The Colony ! lol Actually, Robyn might be better suited for the Colony. Good luck with the food truck Robyn. I'd go international -   explore how the rest of the world feels about gangland chefs.


fantastic stories of dedication and determination!!

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