Marc Anthony's $40,000-a-Plate Obama Fundraiser: Here's What We Didn't Eat

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obama dessert front.jpg
All photos courtest of Chef David Catering
Barack Obama dined in style at his Miami Beach fundraiser. We ate leftovers.
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When singer and J.Lo ex Marc Anthony announced that he would host a concert and dinner to raise funds for President Obama's re-election campaign, we were pleased to find that tickets for the event started at $100. That seemed like a reasonable price to allow fans of the singer (and the President) a good shot at seeing their idols live and in person at the Fillmore Miami Beach.

Why were the tickets so reasonable? Because the big bucks were raised at the related dinner. The pre-concert meal was hosted by the singer at the Miami Beach home of Abigail and F.J. Pollak with seats at the table starting at a mind boggling $40,000 per person. Seating tiers then skyrocketed upward to $50,000 (friend), $60,000 (sponsor), and $75,800 for an event co-host title.

What did all this dough get you? A round of "butlered savories" followed by a three course dinner by chef David Schwadron and chef de cuisine Aaron Dreillinger of Chef David Catering. With the recession and all, we couldn't pony up the price of a Mercedes to make it to the dinner (if you did -- can we borrow twenty bucks until payday?), but here's what we missed:

Butlered Savories
Pistachio and Zatar Crusted Lamb Chops Topped with Mint Apple Chutney
Coconut Lime Crusted Shrimp with Guava Aoili
Sesame Seared Tuna with a Spicy Aioli and a Sake-Soy "Chaser"
Pulled BBQ Chicken Petite Skillets with Coleslaw Aioli
Fresh Salmon Crudo with Smoked Sea Salt on Pumpernickel Crisp
Prime 112 Style Kobe Hot Dogs en Croute with Spicy Mustard
NY Style Ruben Pot Pie Topped with Thousand Island and Swiss Cheese
Wild Mushroom and Pine Nut Pizza with an Herbed Feta Cream
Mediterranean Ratatouille Stuffed Cones with Crumbled Feta

obama duck.jpg
A duck confit at the Obama fundraiser, hosted by Marc Anthony.
First Course
Duck Confit over Dragon Fruit Carpaccio
Herb and Kumquat and Salad with Mango Vinaigrette

obama entree 1.jpg
A riff on surf and turf was served to President Obama.
Main Course
Sliced Mojo Filet Mignon with Crispy Ginger "Lechon" Belly
Key Lime Diver Scallop over Black Bean Orzo Risotto
Warm Jicama Beet Slaw

obama dessert.jpg
Dessert fit for a prez.
Blood Orange Pound Cake
Dark Rum Chorizo Pecan Ice Cream
Vanilla Bean Floss and Gold Leaf

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$40,000 a pop is nothing. Romney's latest fundraisers were somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000. Even so, Obama isn't doing badly. The Republicans think they will buy this election, but it's not going to happen.

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