Miami Pin-Up Era Eats: Sweeties Wholesale Candy, Dogma Grill, and More

It seems everywhere you look these days, old-school pin-up fashions are on full display. From L.A. Boudoir vintage shop on the Upper Eastside to Miami's Cupcake Burlesque troupe, gals across Miami are whole-heartedly embracing the pin-up trend with sour cocktails and bright red lips.

The 1940s look is simple enough, as long as you follow this basic checklist: cat eyes and a halter dress, check; rockabilly on the iPod, yep; hot rollers, curls, and cropped bangs, got it; and to eat? We're stumped. Don't fret -- Short Order did some research and has you covered with a peek-a-boo look at what popular ladies ate those many decades ago and where you can find those foods today.

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Sweet Treats

Lauren Arkin, owner of L.A. Boudoir, says the emergence of the pin-up subculture comes from people's desire to shake off somber times with colorful, playful fashions and food. Pinups were often depicted bright-eyed and bubbly in an effort to give hope and energy to war-time soldiers and were usually shown indulging in sweet treats such as whirly pops and ice-cream cones.

Back in the day, those items were considered rare and special, to be enjoyed after a trip to the beach. Next time you're heading back from la playa, scoop up a classic pin-up treat from Sweeties Wholesale Candy. Don't let the "wholesale" fool you, though. A variety of old-fashioned candies are sold individually, like the classic whirly pop ($1,69) with enough sugar to jolt you out of your beach-induced malaise. And in case you're trying to kick that nasty cig habit, they have packs of candy cigarettes for $1 apiece. The shop has been around for a little more than a year and looks like Wonka's workshop with its candy-filled apothecary jars scattered about and boxes of candy as far as the eye can see. As the name implies, you can also buy in bulk. For $130, you can get 50 pounds of candy and rent five old-fashioned apothecary jars to display at that burlesque party you're planning.

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Ice cream, another classic pin-up treat, is a no-brainer in this weather. Put a Miami twist on the treat and check out Azucar in Little Havana for a classic ice-cream parlor with only-in-Miami flavors such as Willy Cherrino (double cherry), Besitos (vanilla and pink meringue), and Noche Buena (spiced sugar plum), as well as the classic flavors. The shop uses all-natural ingredients to make smooth-as-butter helado daily that would make any pin-up smile.

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