Bianca at the Delano: Tons of Truffles for Miami Spice Starting August 1

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If you're a fan of truffles in all their rich, earthy glory - you'll want to embrace your inner glutton at the Delano's Bianca when Miami Spice rolls around August 1.

For a $39 dinner (or a $23 lunch - $30 extra to a include a wine pairing), the soothing, classy Italian outpost in the tail end of the Delano Hotel is serving up some of its signature menu items, along with a tempting array of other creative favorites. Short Order was lucky enough to sample the goods, and to say we were happily satiated is an understatement.

While all menu items were painstakingly prepared, the standouts were those that involved the liberal use of that fabulous fungi -- the truffle.

The truffle fondue with fontina cheese app was full-bodied and filling, particularly when paired with thick grilled bread. Everything you'd expect in a proper fondue, with that piquant truffle twist.

Magical melty cheese.

The truffle tagliatelle entree was impossibly creamy and full of flavor. And the handmade pasta itself? Firm yet surprisingly delicate. (This signature item is considered supplemental, so it comes with a $30 surcharge.)

And lastly, the most creative item of all and one of the most jaw-dropping desserts we've had in ages - truffle gelato cones made with shaved seasonal truffles. The salty/sweet combination served up a flavor profile more compelling than salted caramel. Who knew?!

gelato cones.jpg

Executive chef Jordan Hoffman, a transplant from Las Vegas, told us the eatery wanted to showcase a wider array of options than a typical Spice menu.

In addition to the above, their offering features the following:

Big Eye Tuna Crudo with fennel pollen, kumquat, red pepper and olive oil


Burrata with prosciutto de parma and grilled bread (this is also a supplemental menu item, and for $15 extra, you can enjoy some seriously mouthwatering burrata)
Fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta

Veal ravioli with ricotta
Spaghetti pomodoro with pecorino cheese
Chicken with capers, lemon, rosemary and thyme


Ossobuco with polenta

While the overall experience won't come cheap if you choose to indulge in the hard-to-refuse supplemental menu items, we can't imagine it wouldn't be worth it.

So if you're jonesing for rich, delicious Italian options come August 1, Bianca's your girl.

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1685 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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