Jamie DeRosa Leaves Tudor House (With Jubilant Photos)

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derosa and crew.jpg
All photos courtesy of Jamie DeRosa
Executive chef Jamie DeRosa and the Tudor House crew take one last group photo.
When Tudor House announced plans to close at the end of the summer, it was assumed by many that executive chef Jamie DeRosa would move on long before the restaurant's last service.

Today, DeRosa officially announced his departure from the restaurant which was also his first foray into the Miami market. DeRosa had previously worked with chef Allen Susser at Taste Gastropub in Delray Beach, at Wolfgang Puck's Spago in Beverly Hills, and across the pond at The Fat Duck in Berkshire, England.

DeRosa is currently shopping for a new venture in the Miami market."Tudor House was a great experience, but now seemed like a good time to part ways.The Miami dining scene is growing tremendously and I'm excited to be a part of it. With the transition of Tudor House to a new concept, I found I didn't have the time to actively seek out a place to hang my hat and give the restaurant the devotion and time it deserves."

derosa fried chicken.jpg
DeRosa, who has worked with some big names in the culinary world, feels its time to put his own name on the door. The chef is currently looking at Miami locations to open his own restaurant.

The concept? Food that matches DeRosa's own playful persona. "Right now, I'm looking for a place where I can express my personality through my food." Don't be surprised to find some classic DeRosa creations like his peaches and cream, branzino, and Cuban sandwich on the new menu, along with new items that will showcase DeRosa's work with various cuts of meat.

DeRosa's last day at Tudor House was Saturday, and while DeRosa is looking forward with plans for a new restaurant along with a new family (he recently married Amy Spagnole DeRosa and they are expecting their first child), leaving his "home" for the past year was bittersweet. "It was really tough because I grew to love and respect everyone that I worked with at Tudor House. But it's not really ever goodbye," the chef told Short Order.

If you're already missing DeRosa, you can catch him at Taste of the Nation on July 19th at Turnberry Isle, or follow the chef on Twitter (@JamieDeRosa).

derosa branzino.jpg
DeRosa's branzino will likely show up on the chef's new menu.
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Tudor House was really a cool spot. Food always on point, Service not so much. 

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