Green Wave Cafe Saves Beet Reporter's Disastrous Vegan Adventure in Broward

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Saturday night, while the rest of Miami was rocking back and forth on their beds pulling on their most ass-flattering jeans, my friend plant-based Chef Allen Campbell and I strapped ourselves into my little Hyundai and strained to see over the mound of parking receipts on the dash as we began our trek to Parkland in Broward County. Our mission? To experience the trippy-sounding raw vegan buffet at Nuage Cafe.

After an hour's drive, we pulled into the parking lot of a large strip mall on Hillsboro Boulevard. The storefront was dark. As we approached, sure enough we saw a "closed" sign on the door, along with a letter that said something along the lines of "We are closed today. Please vote for us in blah blah blah contest." No excuse for being closed. And, although the restaurant (which appears to also be some sort of spiritual center; according to the site, it offers meditation and yoga mornings starting at 6:30) maintains a Meetup page with a detailed calendar, a Facebook page, and a decent website, there had been no indication that it would deviate from its "open seven days a week" policy on this particular Saturday night.

As of now, I will certainly not be voting for Nuage in whatever contest was mentioned on that obnoxious sign.

We were far out of our South Beach territory, but we were equipped with smartphones, so we went to the next place on our list of vegan spots in Broward. Tropitaste is described as a vegetarian Caribbean restaurant, and it was in Lauderhill, kind of on our way back toward the Beach. This time, we called ahead, and found out they were open until 11 p.m. Our enthusiasm renewed, we headed over.

Tropitaste in Lauderhill
It was located in another strip mall. It looked like there was a block party in the parking lot off to the right of the place, but we managed to avoid taking out any pedestrians while parking, and we soon walked into the narrow cafe.

It was set up Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop style. And upon looking over the menu board, that started to make more sense. This "vegetarian restaurant" was apparently 90 percent ice cream parlor, offering about 20 flavor options - and no, not soy- or almond milk-based ice cream. Cow's milk- and white sugar-based ice cream. There were also copious smoothie flavors available; confusingly, these were all made with soy milk.

The place looked to be in a state of disuse. We were the only guests inside at 8 o'clock on a Saturday night. On the front counter sat random knick-knacks and a tower of Caribbean DVDs. And in the center of everything was a glass-front cooler that was entirely empty, showcasing nothing.

It took me two full minutes to locate the "real food" menu board, and when I did I was disappointed. Soy curry chunks, soy turkey, and some other fake meat were the three options. And when we asked, the kind woman at the counter informed us that they were mostly out of anything but the turkey.

"No curry then?" I asked.

"We probably don't have enough even to make a small," said the woman.

I pictured a nearly empty pot of curry-stewed soy chunks having sat on a low burner all day, or in a cooler waiting to be scraped up and reheated. I looked to my friend who started his career as a fifteen-year-old line cook in questionable kitchens all over Boston. His shiny, fearful eyes seemed to dance with roach-infested flashbacks.

"Let's go," I said. He quickly agreed. (I later stumbled upon the restaurant's inspection history, and was doubly happy we bolted.)

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Paula R. Robinson
Paula R. Robinson

 am craving one right now. This is the best restaurant in South


Greenwave is one of the best raw vegan places in south Florida along with christophers kitchen, Darbsters is also great but their Raw menue is not as good as greenwaves. Mike, Lisa and Thomas are all great chefs and are even better people. As for the buffet place your not missing much trust me. It is 2 minutes from my house and I won't eat there. Good intention but the food honestly is not up to par. I miss all the Greenwave crew, I will be back again soon.

Nellya Cabezas
Nellya Cabezas

I love Greenwave Cafe. If you want booze you can bring your own and the staff always provide you with glasses. My favorite is the VegiLomein and the Cheeseburger. I am craving one right now. This is the best restaurant in South Florida. Nelly


Hey, this is Mike, the Chef at Green Wave that night you came to eat with your friend. Thank you so much for writing this amazing article. We are so happy and blessed that our customers love our grub and our service, we really do try our best, and we always maintain a positive vibe to keep all our "green wavers" happy. Lisa (the owner) told me that you had written and article and I had to come check it out. Thanks once again, we hope to see you soon! Much love ♥ Mikey :)


I'm glad you found Greenwave, it's one of my faaavorite restaurants in South Florida.  I freakin' adore the spaghetti and neatballs (especially since they use kelp instead of zucchini noodles).  As far as I'm concerned, this place blows Sublime out of the water.  All Greenwave needs is some booze ;)

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