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All photos by Emily Codik
Jugofresh's Thai Rico: Pineapple, avocado, basil, coconut water, vanilla extract and agave
A fit, well-dressed man entered Jugofresh, the organic, unpasteurized, raw juice bar in South Beach, and eagerly approached the store's owner, Matthew Sherman.

"Can you recommend something for me today?" he pleaded. He then tapped his hand on his belly and continued to explain, "I went to The Bazaar at SLS Hotel last night. It was an all out, tapas-style night. I just feel so bloated."

Sherman, a holistic life coach and founder of the bustling juice bar, asked whether he had had any water this morning, and then finished by recommending one of the menu's agua tuya -- a listing of water-based juices, including caliente picante h2o ($4.50), a mix of alkaline water, maca extract and cayenne extract. His client paid and left happy, content with the quick solution for last night's indulgence.

This client is just one of many fans and followers that turn to Sherman for advice. The juice bar has only been open a few months, but it's already developed quite the following.

One of my first visits was on a Saturday morning. Jugofresh is conveniently located just down the block from Green Monkey, the cool yoga studio where locals flock for workouts centered in balance and meditation. The 9 a.m. class had just finished, and most yogis headed to Jugofresh to fill up on raw juices post-workout. Chatting about coconut sugar and bee pollen as casually as discussing the weather, the clientele is clearly buying into whatever Sherman is selling.

My quick smoothie run turned into a tedious twenty minute affair. The place was completely packed, with dozens of fit customers piled into the front of the 1,800-square-foot juice bar. Most of them looked healthy, radiant. Despite the high price tag for the smoothies ($8.50 to $19.99) and occasionally long wait times, the refreshing, nutritious result was clearly worth it.

Although he has sold his signature cleanses for a few years now, Sherman's success is about more than just his position as a holistic coach.
He's struck gold and is already expanding with a separate warehouse that will include juicing prep and a greenhouse. Jugofresh has developed a brand synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. And more and more people are buying into it.

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Pasteque y menta: pressed watermelon and mint juice
I've only visited the juice bar on five occasions, but I've already added goji berries to my shopping list on supermarket runs. The bookmarks on my web browser now feature sites explaining coconut sugar and deer antler extract. I consistently make excuses to head to South Beach in the morning, just to grab a taste of a new juice, or new smoothie.

So what's his secret? Well, one of the keys to Sherman's success is the quality of product. He can talk to you about why he prefers flash-frozen coconuts from Thailand, rather than the fresh ones. He's also quick to point out that details make a difference. When I asked him about the controversial effect of the highly saturated fat, coconut oil, on elevating blood cholesterol levels, Sherman diverted the question. He explained that studies regarding that topic are inconclusive and difficult to comprehend, because it's all about which coconut oil is being used. Jugofresh only uses raw unrefined coconut oil, and the team works alongside sets of Vitamix blenders and endless rows of Grade B maple syrup. It's all about using the purest, more unrefined ingredients.

He also only uses organic produce, even if it means importing ginger from places as far as Hawaii. "It's hard to be organic from a business standpoint, because of the fluctuating prices due to availability," he explains. "But I make sure that this doesn't reflect the prices for the juices. These always remain consistent". This all, of course, explains why my Jugofresh habit can get quite expensive.

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