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It's clear that dedication is a big part of the formula too. It takes five to six hours to complete the entire process for the nut milks, all of which are made in-house. Sixteen ounces of juice takes about 45 minutes to extract. "We are dedicated to being craftsmen in this process," he reasons. All of the juices and milks are unpasteurized, so they must be consumed -- or discarded -- within a few days. No preservatives are added.

But design and branding also play a part on the Jugofresh effect. The store's walls are lined with reclaimed wood, revealing a view of a vast open kitchen. The prep area is always spotless, and always busy. A couple of aluminum chairs line the bar, strategically designed to get customers in and out quickly. It all contributes to a cool, contemporary natural feel.

jugofresh wall.JPG
The wall and logo at Jugofresh
The menu is easily deconstructed, divided into categories: greens, detoxers, pura vida, agua tuya, dame leche and la chuperia. Next to the listing for la chuperia -- a set of raw, organic shots -- is the caption "Shots! Shots! Shots!... Everybody!" The names are playful, easily identifiable within Miami's substantial Spanish-speaking crowd.

The names of the juices and smoothies follow the same pattern. Like El Green-go ($10), a green juice with apple, celery, spinach, parsley and lemon. Everything about the place is catchy, and definitely clever.

But the last factor is probably the most important, because everything at Jugofresh tastes absolutely delicious. Although Sherman considers both nutrient density and balanced flavors when concocting a new offering, the result is always surprisingly tasty.

Thai Rico ($10), a blend of pineapple, avocado, basil, coconut water, vanilla extract and agave, is a favorite blended beverage that tastes like a creamier piña colada. The smoothies are all topped off with a mix of cacao nibs, goji berries and coconut flakes. The mylk shake ($11), almond, dates, water, agave, cinnamon, vanilla extract, grey sea salt, is on the juice menu and tastes like thin sips of vanilla ice cream.

The love for this juice bar is quickly spreading. My Instagram and Twitter feeds have been slowly invaded with hashtags of #drinkmadjuice, all originating with visits to Jugofresh. More and more often, my friends pop up with pictures of themselves confessing love for their latest ten dollar jugo.

It's all part of a larger trend, and the healthy lifestyle is increasingly becoming more cool, more desirable. A carefully styled image of a beet salad will garner as many likes and re-tweets as a hot dog. And more and more people are buying into healthier lifestyle. It's not about snobbery, or high price tags, it's about awareness and mindfulness. Sherman certainly knows all about it, and so do the dozens of customers who flock daily to the juice bar to pick up their weekly cleanses, or their healthy breakfasts. It may be expensive, but they all seem to agree that it's worth it.

So, as for the Jugofresh effect, I'll say we're just beginning to see the start of it.

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