Miami's Top Ten Dog-Friendly Restaurants

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Courtesy LoKal
Beer for dogs? Can I get a woof?
They're everywhere. Four-legged fur babies are out and about in Miami. From tiny Chihuahuas in pink Juicy sweatshirts to bulldogs on skateboards to poodles with tutus, every kind of dog in every manner of dress can be found in our city.

Though dogs are usually welcome at Miami's many patio restaurants, there are some places that go the extra mile to pamper your pup, with everything from special meals to poolside retreats.

Here's our list of the ten dog-friendliest restaurants in Miami.

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10. GreenStreet Cafe's patio attracts Grovites, tourists, and local businesspeople who flock to this iconic restaurant for an outdoor seat in the shade. Regulars are greeted by name regardless of whether they're human, furred, or feathered. We've seen it all during an average Sunday brunch, including a poodle with a dye job and a parrot celebrating its birthday. Clearly a great spot for your party animal to see and be seen.

9. BTTR (Biscayne Truck Triangle Roundup), though technically not a restaurant, makes our list of pet-friendly spots. Each Tuesday evening, about two dozen food trucks gather around a square block of green grass near the Johnson & Wales University campus on Biscayne Boulevard at NE 127th Street. With all those good smells coming from the trucks, lots of grass to lie on, and the cool evening breeze wafting in from the bay, it's everything a dog (or person, for that matter) could ask for. Bonus: No snooty waiters to scold Bootsy if she slurps water all over the floor or chooses to dine straight from the ground.

Location Info

GreenStreet Cafe

3468 Main Highway, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

BTTR Biscayne Triangle Truck Roundup

127th St. and Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, FL

Category: General

Meat Market

915 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

The Standard Hotel

40 Island Ave., Miami, FL

Category: General

Scotty's Landing

3381 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

Category: Restaurant

Shake Shack

1111 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Grove Isle Hotel & Spa Hotel

4 Grove Isle Drive, Coconut Grove, FL

Category: General

LoKal Burgers & Beer

3190 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

130 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Burger & Beer Joint

1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

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It seems the coolest places to hang out, eat and drink are dog friendly. Much better than the douche bag spots. Just one man's opinion.

Jim Camp
Jim Camp

I'm all for dogs & other pets. But do the rest of us a favor and leave your's at home. It's bad enough that people can be & most are unsanitary at any restuarant, now we have to put up with dogs & cats ?


So, if most people are unsanitary at restaurants as you claim, WHY do you go to any restaurants at all?  It's a fact that living with dogs helps to protect kids from allergies, asthma and other conditions. and there are countless other articles supporting this position on the web should you choose to search them. It's thinking like yours by "protective" parents that has put many children at risk.


You're more likely to get a cold from the guy sneezing and coughing at the next table than you are to get anything from a dog sitting with his companions while they dine. Oh and by the way, don't touch door knobs, telephones, handrails, or go to public bathrooms... In fact, don't touch anything or anyone. It's all unsanitary.


And as Skrumshuz asked, why don't you go strictly to restaurants that don't allow animals? And pray the guy next to you doesn't sneeze or breath..... Glad I'm not you. 


Skrumpshuz 1 Like

Get a life dog is cleaner than you! If you do not like the small amount of places which allow dogs...THEN DON'T GO TO THEM! But dont be such a "kill joy" to us people who arent germaphobes like you! Cook in your own house instead of complaining. Im sure many people rather be near my dog than be near you.


Finally a dog friendly Miami that I was unaware of. Good Job.

Beatrice D. Fisher
Beatrice D. Fisher

Cook in your own house instead of complaining. Im sure many people rather be near my dog than be near

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