Ouzo's Is Back... On the Little River

Courtesy of Liza Meoli
Look's like our hunch about River Shack was right.

"It was short, but not so sweet" said Liza Meoli who says the River Shack project was dropped and the location is no longer going to be sold. Instead, she has decided to bring back her old restaurant, Ouzo's, who won the New Times' Best Mediterranean in 2004. She will reopen Ouzo's in the same spot as Anise and River Shack and will be doing so solo, sans ex-partner Gigi Meoli.

Ouzo's, a traditional Greek bistro, opened ten years ago this month with much success, and according to Liza Meoli "it never really died, it's time to bring it back". Opening day is August 24 and will be serving up riverside dining (up to two boats at a time are welcome) music and authentic Greek curated by Meoli who is fresh off a trip from Greece. Opa!

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Location Info

River Shack - CLOSED

620 NE 78th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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"sans ex-partner Gigi Meoli" 


divorce or he's just doing other work?

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