Shots Miami Invites You to Drink Anthrax With a Sex Toy (Photos)

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All photos by Laine Doss
It's like playing dressup -- with alcohol.
Wynwood Interactive Shots Bar Coming Soon

When Shots Miami postponed its coming-soon party because of that pesky Tropical Storm Debby, I was kind of heartbroken. After all, I really wanted to experience this bar where you're made to dress in character or perform an action while downing neon-colored shots -- especially since the bar seemed to polarize so much of Miami. In the comments section of my original post, there was a complete love-it-or-hate-it attitude. Wynwoodian123, for example, wrote this:
I don't personally don't think this is up to par with Wynwood's up and coming chick, hip, artsy theme. I also don't think I would like to share a dirty cape or boa for $6. There much better places in wynwood to have a drink and have fun with friends without acting like you're 17 drinking with some friends in a basement hiding from their parents, doing pretty dumb things... [sic]
On the other end of the spectrum, domi1109 wrote:
I think this is brilliant and creative! I definitely will be stopping by tomorrow to check this out! Sounds like a good time. The last thing your [sic] worried about when your [sic] having a good time is if the cape is dirty. lol.
Do you remember the freak shows at carnivals? Whenever they would advertise a two-headed snake or the world's smallest woman, I'd have to plunk down my quarter to see for myself. So it was only natural that I checked out Shots Miami. It wasn't too difficult to get a group of gals together with the promise of "shots, funny costumes, and a lot of Facebook-worthy pictures."

Here's what I learned:

shots pretty bartender.jpg
1. There are some kinks to be worked out. Some of the bartenders/shot girls didn't really know what went into the shots or what action or costume was supposed to go with which shot.

shotsmiami pimphat.jpg
2. Go with an open mind -- and at least one friend who's up for anything. Some of the shots involve canoodling with blow-up sex dolls, drinking from faux boobs or penises, and dancing with a skeleton. Leave your uptight selves at the door, please -- this is not the place for it.

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I had great time!! Can't wait for the grand opening!! Peach schnaki was my fav!!


WOW! Look at the huge crowd!!! Not! This will hinder the upcoming and developing wynwood sites. 

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