Ten Reasons Romney Is Too Wimpy an Eater To Be President

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Of course I'm not saying what a candidate eats should be the sole factor considered by voters when determining the next president of the United States. That would be crazy. Other things are important too -- like what he drinks, and economic policy and stuff.

But character surely plays a role in our evaluation, and "you are what you eat" implies that what we put in our gut very much defines our character. It also means that I should seriously consider giving up olive loaf-and-mayonnaise sandwiches.

Here is what I'm getting at: Mitt Romney has in the past exhibited an eccentricity of eating habits, and has uttered or tweeted some peculiar statements regarding food, that could call into question his judgement and (dare I say?) even manliness to be President of the United States.

Here are ten examples of what I'm talking about:

Eric Thayer, New York Times
10. He Only Drinks Decaf Soda, and Associates Coke With Young People and Polar Bears
Some accuse Romney of being a flip-flopper, but an article in New York Magazine makes clear that there are times Mitt will pick a side and stick to it no matter what. Like, for instance, in the Pepsi vs. Coke debate. "They were all the same to me (as a kid): sweet, delicious, and, because my Mother frowned on caffeine drinks, rare," Mitt reminisces in his book Turnaround. "But I began to associate Coke with all sorts of things I like: smiling young people, sports, music, the Olympics, and recently, polar bears. Those associations make me 'feel good' about Coke, a lot better than I do about RC Cola (are you still out there RC?). So when I pick up a twelve-pack at the grocery store or step up to a soft drink machine, I'll push the Coke button (of course caffeine-free, Mom) even if it costs a little more."

I stand corrected: He takes a firm stance in the Coke vs. RC Cola debate.

9. He Thinks a Subway Breakfast Is Better Than Donuts
Romney's a cool dude. Or to put it another way: It's been so damn hot outside that everything, including Mitt, seems cool. Plus he's got a Twitter account. "Thanks @subwayfreshbuzz for breakfast," he tweeted, "Better than the usual campaign diet of morning donuts."

Subway over donuts? That's not cool at all. On the other hand, it's one of those things he probably just said for Subway's support, in which case he's only being insincere.

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Lori Dick
Lori Dick

Well I thought it was funny...

Will Iam
Will Iam

Are fucking kidding me? You guys are out fucking control! I thought this was a food page not a liberal idiocracy page!

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