Fake Chocolate Milk Smackdown, Part One: Silk Almond vs. Blue Diamond Almond

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What hath the dog days of summer wrought? A smackdown testing out fake chocolate milk, that's what. Does this mean that nothing much of interest is happening in the local food world today? Unless you find the sexual preference of chicken franchise customers a matter of fascination, that's about right. Besides, I like fake chocolate milk, and there are way more brands -- even categories -- of the beverage than Yoo-Hoo may think.

Today we look at chocolate almond milk. Almond milk is a lot healthier than cow's milk (except for baby cows); it's lactose free, dairy-free, contains 50% more calcium than milk, and is just 120 caloires a serving.

Two brands dominate the South Florida supermarket shelves: Silk PureAlmond Dark Chocolate Almondmilk, and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk. Let's compare.

Blue Diamond on the left, Silk Almond on the right.
Color: Silk PureAlmond is much darker in color, and therefore looks more inviting to a chocolate lover.

Viscosity: Silk PureAlmond has fuller body than Blue Diamond. Seriously.

Ingredients: Pretty similar; Silk uses "natural" cane sugar as opposed to regular cane. And although nutritionally both labels are nearly identical, Silk's milk offers 25 percent daily value of Vitamin C; Blue Diamond's Vitamin C percentage is zero.

Taste: Lots of folks don't like the taste of straight almond milk; this includes people who like almonds. Silk PureAlmond's Dark Chocolate drink seems to recognize this, as there's so much chocolate in it you really can't taste the almond milk. Blue Diamond is also chocolatey, but the almond notes peek through the flavor.

Winner: Silk PureAlmond's chocolate almond milk is noticeably superior to Blue Diamond's brand (although the latter really isn't bad tasting at all).

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Thanks Lee for selecting Silk PureAlmond Dark Chocolate. While I think we would disagree in the use of "fake" as PureAlmond is very much "real" (and of course really delicious), we can tell you are a steward of great taste.  ~Margaret @lovemysilk 

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