Pollos & Jarras: Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken Downtown

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Lee Klein
Tables at Pollos & Jarras
In February of this year, chef Juan Chipoco and his sous chef Luis Hoyos of CVI.CHE 105 opened a Peruvian rotisserie chicken restaurant right next door on NE 3rd Avenue in downtown Miami. Pollos & Jarras by Juan Chipoco is the (full) name of the two-level, 6,000 square-foot venue. The moniker translates to "chicken and pitchers." Somehow it sounds a whole lot better in Spanish.

The chickens are, according to the website, organic. A quarter of one, with salad and fries, is $7.95. Half a chicken is $11.95, a whole goes for $17.95. The birds are marinated quite a while in 19 herbs and spices, and the result is tasty. The one I tried was moist, too. I had ordered a side of rice with choclo (large Peruvian corn kernels) to to along, which the waiter somehow decided would be a substitute for the salad. Service is not a strong point here.

Lee Klein
Dips, but nothing to dip into them.
Diners are started off with a quartet of Peruvian dips -- two piquant, two not. About 30 minutes later we were brought something to use the dips on -- food. Not sure why our order took so long, as altogether it was a quarter chicken, two rice dishes, and a rotisserie chicken sandwich.

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105 NE 3rd Ave., Miami, FL

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Referring to Luis Hoyos as Juan Chipoco's "sous chef" is like referring to Kim Kardashian as Kanye West's musical director. Regardless of how the press release reads we all know who is whose bitch.

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