Energy Kitchen Closes in Pinecrest, Decides to Relocate to Coral Gables

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David Minsky
Don't worry, Miami isn't losing another healthy dining option. Energy Kitchen, the fast-food chain boasting of menu items under 500 calories, recently closed its only location in Miami, down in Pinecrest. However, the company says it will reopen just a little ways north, in Coral Gables.

The new address is 2626 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, where UVA Restaurant and Lounge used to be.

Why did they move? Better business opportunities, says Tapan Shah, Energy Kitchen's marketing director. In other words a new location in a trendy part of the city with a lot of foot traffic, such as Miracle Mile, is better for business.

Can't blame them. The Pinecrest location was too easy to overlook.

With the new place, one downside is finding a free place to park. The upside is that your healthy fast-food eating options have not diminished. Everything on the menu at Energy Kitchen is grilled, baked, steamed and never fried, and the menu offers wraps, salads and burgers. They have breakfast too.

There is no re-opening date yet, but the owners are looking at no later than October.

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Location Info

Energy Kitchen

11421 S. Dixie Highway, Pinecrest, FL

Category: Restaurant

Uva Restaurant and Lounge - CLOSED

2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

Category: Music

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Thatguy 2 Like

I got food poisoning from this place! I heard they were shut down by inspectors.

Thatguy 2 Like

Gross this place will fail in the gables too

Miamichick 2 Like

Yea this place sucked.  I think they should open up a Lime in that spot!!

Pinecrest 2 Like

Nobody wanted this place in Pinecrest. The owner is so rude and the word spread fast. I knew it wouldn't last. Good riddance.

matisse7 1 Like


 who is the owner?  and do you know what's delaying th eopening in the Gables...

MiamiNATIVE 1 Like

 @matisse7  @Pinecrest

 They opened an Anthony's pizza in the gables spot.  Energy Kitchen isn't opening up in miami anymore its closed for good. 

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