Burger, Beer And Balls Bash Brings Foodie Joy To Brickell on Saturday

Worried you'll have nothing to do this Saturday afternoon after a week's worth of hard work? Swing by the Inaugural Burger, Beer and Balls Bash presented by Taste of Brickell Food and Wine Festival at the historic Miami Circle, 401 Brickell Ave., next to The Icon Brickell, from 4 to 10 p.m.

"Its a great opportunity to take advantage of a summer weekend," said Cindy Bettner, Producer & Director of the Miami Taste of Brickell Food & Wine Festival. "Brickell offers a bevy of great hotels and restaurants we want to introduce to the citizens of Miami."

Who's cooking up those burgers and balls? A pretty solid list of 305 eateries, including The Meatball Joint, Toscana Divino, Taverna Opa, Rosa Mexicano and a couple dozen more.

General admission to the event is $10 and includes access to live music, beer tasting, giveaways, vendors, and a free kids area.

Samples from the more than 30 participating restaurants are available for as little as $1. VIP admission ranges from $65-$100 and includes 30 $1 vouchers good at any of the restaurants booths as well as admission to the Wine & Spirits tasting. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club.

"We are really excited about the community outreach and being able to help out the Boys & Girls club," said Bentner, who adds she's most looking forward to the burger eating contest.

Teams of four will compete in taking down a behemoth 14 pound burger sometime around the midpoint of the event. In addition, Bash participants will vote on their favorite meatballs, beer and burgers to be awarded at the end of the day.

Along with the bars and restaurants involved, representatives from the Homestead Speedway and Miami Marlins, among other South Florida institutions, will be on hand with giveaways and prizes.

To purchase tickets, visit eventbrite.com.

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This was an appaulingly poor event...between this and the other poor events this year I'm starting to really dislike going to these events. They're rarily a good deal or promising. Food prep is disgusting, portions are small, crowds like crazy, and no real value to the participants. Sad...


I read your Short Order blog post about the Burger, Beer and Balls event and thought it was interesting. Then when I got a Living Social deal for half off, it was a no-brainer.

After seeing no posts by you this morning I have to assume you didn’t go. Although there really wasn’t a lot of info on the event except for your article and a poster on their sister event’s site (Taste of Brickell), my girlfriend and I decided to go... unfortunately.  First of all they advertised “over 30 restaurants.” Really? I counted nine. It was so dismal I actually counted and took photos because I could not believe how few there were. Some advertized as “being there” like Burger & Beer Joint and Gordon Biersch were there, but not serving food. GB was selling $4 beers and B&B was handing out stress balls – no food. And the “over 40 craft beers” part was a joke. There were less than 10 – and I am being generous. I actually only saw three – yes three. And they technically weren’t craft, but imports (Belgian). But I’ll admit there was one tent with a line that seemed as if it stretched to Little Havana, that was a beer line. I didn’t make that one. I had to go to work on Monday.  They may have had a few beers in there, but I was not going to find out.

At what point are they held accountable for false advertising?  Promising 30 restaurants and delivering 9 is not even close. I think 20 or 22 would have been OK. We understand you have to print something before you get commitments form the restaurants.  And 40 craft beers? Come on! It is just unacceptable.  And when you have 9 restaurants guess what? The lines become so long it’s not worth standing in them. 2 or 3 thousand people divided into 9 lines are pretty shitty odds you’ll get food anytime soon.

Needless to say we left early, hungry and disappointed. I feel like I got balls to the face on this one.

- Smitty


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