Michael Schwartz Announces Michael's Genuine Home Brew

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Ben Fink
Michael Schwartz -- now a beer guy!
We were waiting for the day that Michael Schwartz would put his name on a genuine brewski. And that day is today.

Today, Schwartz announced the arrival of Michael's Genuine Home Brew. This classic American ale is craft brewed in Gadsden, Alabama, by the Back Forty Beer Company specifically for Schwartz, using Sem-Chi rice and cane sugar grown in Florida. (This is in keeping with Schwartz's tradition of using locally-sourced product whenever possible.)

What's Sem-Chi rice and what's it doing in an ale? Sem-Chi (Seminole Chief), grown in Palm Beach county, is Florida's only locally-grown and milled brown rice. Florida Crystals operates the only mill in the state, using the rice as a rotation crop to replenish depleted soil after cane harvesting. Chef Schwartz contacted the Back Forty brewers and they agreed to try brewing with the rice.

The result is an "American Ale that's light bodied with a citrusy sweetness, hint of floral hops, and a dry finish, coming in about 5% ABV."

So when can you try Michael's Genuine Home Brew? "It's in transit right now," according to Jackie Sayet, brand director for The Genuine Hospitality Group. The beer will be available on tap at both Michael's Genuine Food & Drink and Harry's Pizzeria starting on Monday, August 13. (But you might be able to sneak a taste as early as Saturday.) Keep tabs on the MGFD Twitter feed for updates.

Michael's Genuine Home Brew will be available on draft ($6 for a 16-oz. pour) or in large-sized, 22-oz. bottles, perfect for sharing ($11). Prices are the same at both restaurants.

Best news of all? You can actually buy the bottles to take home. Just ask your server!

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Location Info

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

130 NE 40th St., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Harry's Pizzeria

3918 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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I am not sure you can hire a brewery in Alabama to make you a beer and then call it home brew?  Oh, maybe it is your restaurants "house beer"?  Maybe that would be a better name for it?    Silly labeling aside, you use local Florida ingredients and then ship them out of state to make the beer and then have the final product shipped back?  No irony there?  




Can we please acknowledge that this is in fact the complete opposite of "home brew".  If you are at all confused please look at FL Statute 562.165.  

Come on Schwartz, your beer may be a lot of things, but "home brew' it is not.  Calling it such is misleading and a bit insulting to those of us that brew at home purely for the love it.   


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