Olympian Danell Leyva Gets Giant Cake, Medal at Brickell Irish Pub

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All photos by Laine Doss
Danell Leyva can have his medal..and eat it too!
Also read "Danell Leyva, Miami's Olympic Prodigy, Goes for Gold."

Friends, family, and fans gathered at Brickell Irish Gastropub last evening to watch the closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics and to honor Miami's own Danell Leyva, who returns to South Florida after winning the bronze medal for the men's all-around gymnastics competition.

Fans lined up to take a picture with the Olympian, while Leyva was spotted tweeting pictures of the impressive cake made for the occasion by Divine Delicacies.

leyva cake2.jpg
Olympic cake, made by Divine Delicacies
The five-tier vanilla cake was decorated with (upside-down) Olympic rings made from Swarovski crystal and topped with a fondant torch.

We asked Leyva, who returned to the States August 8, how it felt to win a medal and receive all this admiration. "It's completely overwhelming," he said before he was pulled away to pose with more fans.

Leyva, wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, was missing one newly acquired accessory. Asked where his medal was, he quipped, "It's on the cake," and then playfully tried to eat the candy replica of his award.

leyva mayor.jpg
Mayor Tomas Regalado honors Danell Leyva, shown with his stepfather Tim Gonzalez.
Also on hand at the celebration was Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, who presented the gymnast with the City of Miami's Crystal of Excellence medal.

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@CitiEveryStep @MiamiNewTimes @Short_Order @DanellJLeyva @brickellirish Hey Danell Its my biggest wish to meet u !!please Rt me!


Danell was up against stiff competition. Anyone turning their noses up at a bronze medal is an idiot. He's the third best all-around male gymnast in the world. That's an amazing feat. Very proud of him and his accomplishment and quite looking forward to seeing him in Rio.


The cake is draped in "la toallita!" Nicely done!! Felicidades, @DanellJLeyva! Made us proud. @brickellirish @MiamiNewTimes @Short_Order


Was outside and went to see what the shouting was about. Looked and sounded like a Cuban family reunion. Whats up with all the spanglish spoken by the mayor? Really?


Congrats for a bronze, but really, if what I heard was true, the bronze medalist that damaged his, got his replaced. I recall someone writing it cost $ 4.71 to make a bronze medal ?I guess it's earning the distinction though unless the event is power walking and the athlete doped up and got caught and dq'ed ?

Brickell Irish Pub
Brickell Irish Pub

We had a great time! Thank you for stopping by and showing support! You can find more pictures at our page or Follow us on Instagram @brickellirishpub

Anthonyvop1 topcommenter



Congratulations on your Epic Loss!    Seriously.  You lost on the world stage and you are celebrating?

And they say the US isn't getting pussified.


 @Anthonyvop1  can I see your gold medal...No...how bout silv......No.....well let me see your bronze medal...RIIIIIGHHHTTTT.  Your an Epic Loss Pussy!

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