Pizzarium Brings the Roman Art of Pizza to Downtown

Roman pizza.

Italians know their way around a pizza. Hundreds of years before the first NYC pizzeria was hawking slices to harried commuters, Italy's poor were eating it in the streets. In fact, the citizens of this European country are so serious about the craft that they have their own authority on all things pizza -- the Associazione Pizzerie Italiane (API).

Romans, in particular, are masters at creating a style of light, crisp crust topped with gourmet edibles that puts most American versions to shame.

Luckily for Miamians, two men have brought the Roman tradition to downtown in the form of Pizzarium, an East Flagler Street beacon for hungry cube-dwellers.

Organic ingredients, a light and fluffy crust, and utterly unique flavor combinations are the benchmarks of this modern, spacious eatery. With two weeks under its belt, this Romanesque pizzeria has received primarily positive buzz.

pizzarium owners.jpg
Owners Fernando Rendina and Massimiliano Saieva

Co-owners Fernando Rendina and Massimiliano Saieva had a vision of bringing healthy, unique pizza true to Roman tradition to Miami, and they stuck to it when sourcing ingredients and crafting their menu.

Saieva, who's spent 15 years in kitchens across Italy and Venezuela, is a member of the API, and the duo even brought in one of the association's champions (yes, Italy has pizza champions) to assist with the opening. Their vegetables, dairy, and dried fruit are all organic. Other ingredients, including mozzarella, burrata mozzarella, olive oil, etc., are Italian DOC (denominazione di origine controllata -- a quality-control standard).

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69 E. Flagler St., Miami, FL

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