Ralph Pagano To Open Alba at Sole on the Ocean

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sole view.jpg
Pagano's view.
For guests, especially ones staying a few weeks, who want to stay in and cook (120 of the resort's rooms are equipped with full kitchens), Pagano is offering do-it-yourself meals complete with all the needed ingredients, pots, and a recipe card.

In addition to working non-stop on Alba and the resort, Pagano is also hosting a cooking competition on Lifetime, which features local culinary students from Fort Lauderdale's Art Institute competing at different locations throughout south Florida. "I act as the host and mentor, so I reward them when they succeed, and punish them when they fail. I get to play Ted Allen and Gordon Ramsay at the same time."

And as for leaving the horses behind at Gulfstream Park? Pagano said he never would have left if not for this opportunity. "I loved everything about Gulfstream Park," he says. "In fact, I'll be there opening day."

Sipping a mojito, Pagano once again looks out the windows, clearly smitten with the view. "Look, I call this the big gamble, but I'm all in," Pagano says. "I mean look at this place. Look at what I have to work with. There are so many opportunities where I can do so many things. I'm creating a food playground."

sole bar.jpg
The bar at Alba.
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Sole On The Ocean

17315 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach, FL

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He is very arrogant,brags all the time how he has half million invested,and has his mgr fire you with a text message,and then doesn't pay them their last check...



 You're an idiot. He is a fantastic chef....can't wait for the Grand Opening! Congrats Ralph!!!!!

JoseDuran moderator communitymanager

 @pamelacarbone Just to make it clear, that comment was NOT posted by Lee Klein. Impersonating any of our staff will guarantee you permanent ban from our site.

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