Tonight: Schnebly Debuts First Beer at World of Beer in Dadeland

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Tomorrow is already here.
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The day has finally arrived. Schnebly Miami Brewing Company, Miami's first craft brewery, debuts its first beer at World of Beer in Dadeland tonight.

The native-beer bar will have Schnebly's Big Rod Key West Ale on tap beginning at 7 p.m. The wonderful boozers are throwing a party to celebrate the occasion.

As you read this, two half-barrels, or 31 gallons, of Big Rod Key West Ale are being delivered to WOB. To celebrate this milestone, a ticket to tour Schnebly Redland's Winery & Brewery will be handed out with each purchase of a pint.

How much do pints cost? The price has yet to be determined, but they will more than likely be $8 or less. This is not the first time Schnebly beer has been distributed in Miami. In June, Schnebly introduced its first tap at Lokal Burgers and Beer in Coconut Grove. Except this time a national chain is carrying the local brew.

"I'm very happy to support local beer -- it's a great movement," says Claudio Menicocci, product manager at World of Beer in Dadeland. "Even though we're a corporation, we're all Florida and we're happy to support the little guy."

Having a locally brewed beer poured at a Florida-based beer bar almost seems too perfect. Maybe it was meant this way.

As you might remember, Schnebly became Miami's first truly craft brewery in March when it began brewing beer onsite in March.

Shortly before that, World of Beer Dadeland opened in February, bringing 50 taps (40 rotating) and more than 500 bottles. Just last week, World of Beer released a smartphone app, so you can keep tabs your membership status. Be happy to know that a pint earns you membership points.

Before Schnebly, WOB had other "local" beer on tap, just not from Miami; for instance, there was Tequesta, from near Jupiter. This time you can truly drink like a local. Salud!

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Schnebly Redland's Winery

30205 SW 217th Ave., Homestead, FL

Category: General

World of Beer

9010 SW 72nd Place, Miami, FL

Category: Music

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@jaxiscool it's good if you're into fruity beer. I was surprised that I liked it.


@nedalrants You know, that stuff can be hit or miss. Some of their wines are pretty good...others, well...not my favorite flavor profile.


@jaxiscool I was surprised I liked their guava wine. I held my glass expecting disaster lol

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