Subway Cafe: Sandwiches Go Upscale in South Beach

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Comras Company
Subway Cafe to serve espresso with your subs.
Subway has come a long way from the lone Bridgeport, Connecticut sandwich shop that was opened by 17-year-old Fred DeLuca and partner Dr. Peter Buck in 1965.

Today, the brand is the world's largest sandwich chain with over 34,000 locations worldwide. Now, they're is poised for the next step in worldwide fast food domination ... a cafe. And South Beach will be a testing ground for the concept

Subway Cafe will occupy a 1,238-square-foot space on the corner of 15th Street and Washington Avenue in South Beach. In a partnership with Seattle Coffee, the cafe will serve baked goods, dessert items, and a full line of espresso-based creations in addition to the regular Subway menu of sandwiches and salads.

The Subway Cafe will feature wood paneled walls, lounge-style seating with armchairs, and high-end lighting. There's even talk of a fireplace. We're dreaming about WiFi ...

The lease deal was just inked, with the Comras Company representing both landlord and tenant in the transaction. No word yet on when the cafe will serve its first latte.

Subway Cafe will join Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Cocolimon Frozen Yogurt, and 100 Montaditos in the building, which will make this part of town the "go-to" place for backpackers, college students, and the budget-conscious looking for a lunchtime respite from the high prices at tonier establishments on the beach and Lincoln Road.

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100 Montaditos

1504 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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"the budget-conscious looking for a lunchtime respite from the high prices at tonier establishments on the beach and Lincoln Road."


...all this Subway is doing is cheapening the experience of South Beach. There are plenty of locally owned, delicious, budget-conscious options around Lincoln Road and the beach, it's just that the entire world doesn't recognize the brands and names

Heike Tiegen
Heike Tiegen

No thanks. Got food poisoning twice from them. I'm convinced that is how Jared lost all that weight.

Asaad W Morales
Asaad W Morales

maybe they should spend their money on replacing that fake by product they pass off as meat


their subs will still suck. 

Shell Cribbs
Shell Cribbs

Subway is NASTY no matter how you say it. Real deli meat for me please!

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