Miami Spice at Terrazza: Anchovies, Filet Mignon and Slabs of Cheesecake

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All photos by David Minsky
Terrazza, the Shore Club's fine Italian dining restaurant, is digging on the seafood and meat for this year's Miami Spice menu.

This year Terrazza rates as "luxury" dining for Miami Spice, which means their three-course dinner menu is $39. Out of the nine (supposedly) dishes that they serve, four of them involve seafood. Click through for photos of the Spice selections.

And should you love seafood that doesn't involve the usual fare, you'd be pleased to know that all of the appetizers satisfy this most basic criterion.

There are three choices for appetizers: the Crudo, Ahi tuna and avocado tartar with ginger, lemon and Filoncino chips; Coppaccia di Polpo, steamed octopus salad with julienne vegetables, cherry tomatoes and salmoriglio dressing; Carrozza, crispy buffalo mozzarella and puttnesca dip and anchovies, kind of like a traditional Italian grilled cheese sandwich but with anchovies (available without anchovies upon request).

The Crudo
Coppaccia di Polpo

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Terrazza at Shore Club

1901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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