Wynwood Kitchen & Bar Adds A Large Dose of Childhood Sazon to the Menu

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Artichokes al Padron

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Miguel Aguilar grew up eating sopa de frijoles negros and tropical salads -- and now he's out to give others a taste of his Venezuelan childhood by completely reworking the menu at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar.

The executive chef's recently added menu items include plates like hamachi ceviche with mango aji amarillo ($15), fingerling chorizo hash ($8), and even a new dessert called "Latin misu" ($8). That's err -- Miamian for tiramisu, complete with tres leches and espresso. His additions inject ample Latino collagen into the artsy Wynwood eatery's otherwise new American cuisine.

"I lived in Venezuela until I was 10, then I went back when I was 21," he said. "And I grew up eating green mango with salt." "So when I came in, I asked for permission from the owner to re-conceptualized the restaurant."

Since arriving at Wynwood Kitchen a little over a year ago, Aguilar has changed the menu every 3 to 4 months, but this time, his focus was on a consistent Latin flavor profile.

"I took into consideration that Miami is a majority of Latinos, and tourists who come from overseas -- I want to accomodate everyone's palate," he said.

You can expect to find the things he ate growing up (black bean soup with herb crema $7, tropical salad with hearts of palm and avocado, $9), as well as innovative takes on Latin classics like the coconut upside down cake ($8).

"Pineapple upside down cake is very Christmasy in Venezuela... really all over Latin America. I figured pineapple was too predictable, so my sous chef and I tested a coconut upside down cake."

"I like to call it the coco-crack-cake."

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