Americas Food & Beverage Show: Ten Items You Have To Try

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All photos by Laine Doss
Bravo Mexico in a can!
The 16th Annual Americas Food and Beverage Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center is a great barometer of what's going to be hot and interesting in the food world next year.

The show is massive, with 15 aisles of food vendors, distributors, and manufacturers displaying and sampling their product to everyone in the trade -- from small restaurateurs looking for a few unique ingredients to play with, to major supermarket chains seeking out new items to stock on their shelves.

We were pleased to see many small business owners looking to catch the eye and palate of a major distributor. And though there were many companies offering junky convenience food (we counted a half dozen ramen noodle companies), we did find some unique offerings. So, without any delay, here are the ten products we predict you'll be scarfing down in 2013.

10. Hey Mon Caribbean Sauces
According to this show, the Caribbean is poised to be the next breakout star in the food business. Which is no surprise, considering these islands are all about blending sweet tropical fruit with head-blowing hot peppers to create a meal that's one part feast/one part sweat lodge. These Hey Mon sauces are made in Florida and sold in Miami at various festivals and online. Good on shrimp, chicken and in a bloody Mary (really)!

9. Wow! Skewers
Moms may have Lunchables, but dads will lay claim to these Wow! prepackaged skewers. Available in beef, chicken, and pork, they're already marinated. Just pop them on the grill (not available in Miami yet). We see huge potential in the tailgating arena.

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