Firewall Food Truck Brings Hand-Crafted Pizza on Wheels

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Firewall Food Truck

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If you thought pizza on wheels only went as far as a teenager going door to door for Domino's, think again. Miami's latest pizza phenomenon is a converted bus complete with what the owners say is Florida's first wood-burning oven on wheels. It's a saucy ride, all right.

Inspired co-owners and couple Katy Westman and Chris Noe converted a former handicap transit bus into a pie-making machine -- with a little help from their friends, natch. Their fire-engine red Firewall Food Truck is one of the newest additions to the South Florida scene, and certainly one of the most unique.

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Image courtesy of Firewall Food Truck
Katy Westman cooks up pies.

But what possessed these two to bring a not-so-portable piece of equipment like a wood-burning-oven to the mobile-food scene? The duo say they saw some amazing examples of food trucks in other cities and wanted to create something unique and homegrown in Miami. The project, from conception to completion, took them a full year. The truck hit the road in mid-July and has been making its way across South Florida since.

And when it comes to the eats, the twosome is all about high quality. They import Italian "00" flour and San Marzano tomatoes for flavor authenticity, and everything is cooked from scratch and made to order. When produce season begins again, they'll source their fruits and veggies from farmers' co-op Teena's Pride and craft their menu partially from its offerings.

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Firewall Food Truck

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