Doma Polo Bistro: Great Start Argentine Style

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interior doma.jpeg
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Interior of Doma Polo Bistro

Ulises Ledain opened Doma Polo Bistro this past August 23, but he's actually been in the restaurant industry in Miami for over a decade. Previously, Ledain was involved with Dolce Vita, the gelato-café with locations across Miami. For eight years, he also served many financial and consulting roles for Novecento, the Argentinian bistro with outposts in New York, Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay.

Now, the native from Rosario in Santa Fé, Argentina hopes to differentiate Doma Polo Bistro from the other traditional Argentinian steakhouses in Miami.

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Courtesy Doma Polo Bistro
Interior of Doma Polo Bistro

Located across from the American Airlines Arena in downtown, the restaurant aspires to extend beyond typical Argentinian offerings already available in the Magic City. These plates give the restaurant what Ledain refers to as, "an autonomous touch." Examples include locro ($18), a hearty stew with beef, pork, grains and squash, or salpicón ($11), a boiled or grilled beef cold salad with vegetables served in a vinaigrette. The restaurant is still in its soft opening stage, but Ledain also hopes to add cordero Patagónico (Patagonian lamb) to the list of unique plates.

The décor celebrates polo, and the sport's equipment is studded around the restaurant. The walls and place settings are printed with explanations of the sport's terms like "golpe de revés" and "hacia adelante". Black leather booths line the walls, resembling traditional stables. The rest of the space is accented largely by wooden beams and a large wine-rack wall.

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Emily Codik
Bread offerings at Doma Polo Bistro

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Doma Polo Bistro

900 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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