Five Most Hilarious Food Memes (Submit Your Picks!)

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Well then, don't mind if we do!
When you scrolled through your Facebook and Twitter timelines this weekend, how many updates would you say involved food?

A lot. We know.

If there isn't someone rambling on about the presidential election or showing off that they're getting their nails done or working out at the gym, the most common thing we see are photos of food. Or posts about food. Or posts about photos of food. Or hilarious memes.

We've compiled a list of the five best that we found, but we're reaching out to you to comment with your favorite food meme. Post a link to your favorite in the comments section below, and we'll make a reader's choice list later this week.

Happy hunting! (But in the meantime, click ahead for some laughs.)

You know who you are.
5. If anyone knows this man, come forward and give us some contact information about him. He's perfect profile material. Whether this is a prime example of the American way or not, it's still pretty hilarious that someone would ink themselves with the most caloric fast-food chains in the nation. We know, we know, the image could be fake, but it's far too good not to believe it. By the way, did anyone else notice that he forgot Wendy's? Maybe it's under a flap.
Highly suspect.
4. Those who think the dog-and-cat rumors about Chinese restaurants absurd would find this funny. Those who buy into it would find it rational. Either way, if the rumors were true, we wouldn't blame this poor pooch for finding the placement of these establishments highly suspicious.

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