Freedom Flask: Drink From a Bag, Next Big Food Trend (Unforgettable GIFs)

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Drinking from the boob flask
The Freedom Flask is a wearable liquid-dispensing invention for sneaking liquor into sporting events.

We took it into the streets of Miami to test it, but replaced the vodka with water so Alex Rodriguez wouldn't get arrested.

From the sands of South Beach to Lincoln Road to the Wynwood art walk, the disposable water bottle crumpling into irrelevance and obscurity sounds like a fresh drink from the Freedom Flask.

And we've got the animated GIFs to prove it.

10. In Moscow, the snow-blown streets are colder than a communist boob. On South Beach, the fresh water flows from the warm breast of capitalism. Fist pump, bro.

9. Lincoln Road restaurants charge $12 for half a glass of tap water. Bring your own and save.

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