Japanese Iron Chef Comeback On Fuji TV

Who doesn't miss these cheery faces?

Do you remember watching Japanese Iron Chef with English subtitles? It was the best. Sometimes the Cooking Channel and Food Network air old reruns late at night when they think no one is watching (pfft... we're awake to notice). Still, it's something of a forgotten treasure.

Luckily, a remake of the series is in the works, and if you have a cable or satellite provider who offers Fuji Television, you can get in on the old school fun.

The original series ran from 1993 to 1999, according to the only Japanese site we could read with enlightening facts about the remake, Anime News Network.

Speculation about the old iron chefs returning has been the biggest topic of discussion among the forums on the show. Currently, there are seven Japanese iron chefs (the Michael Symons and Kat Coras of Japan), one of which is the ever-lovable chef Masaharu Morimoto, and two more chefs who are perhaps beyond the age of competitive cooking.

If you're tired of Alton Brown's Post-It antics on Twitter, and "the Chairman's" undeniable ridiculousness, surely you'll appreciate the comeback. It's time we get live octopus back on the judges' plates, right?

No word yet on when the remake of the series is supposed to air, however, we'll keep an eye out for a date.

Here's a video to jog your memory:

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@MikeCruz @mudron Don't want to seem pushy, but I wrote a whole thing about new Iron Chef and why I'm worried http://t.co/DggLNq60


@MikeCruz: So long as they get the same English-voice-dubbing crew for when it comes to the states, I'm good.


@MikeCruz REALLY, all you'd need is Chairman Kaga, but.....hmm.


We definitely miss the old Japanese Iron Chef series! Now, who the heck carries Fuji TV???

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