Lee & Marie's Cakery Company: South Pointe's New Farm-Fresh Lunch Spot

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Emily Codik
Arugula salad with roasted beets, candied pecans, prosciutto chips, goat cheese

Lee & Marie's Cakery Company -- a hybrid bakery, restaurant and coffee shop -- opened up a few weeks ago with a perfectly crafted concept. It serves Panther Coffee, sources fresh ingredients from local farmers, and even benefits a great cause. The eatery proudly supports adults with autism spectrum disorder.

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It's not surprising, then, that the launch of the bakery was met with an abundance of fanfare.

iced coffee lee marie.JPG
Emily Codik
Dainty straw at Lee & Marie's

I visited the café for lunch this week. When I ordered an off-the-menu iced coffee, I received a tall glass adorned with a dainty red and white stripe carton straw. The eager-to-please waitress also brought out a set of syrups to sweeten the cool beverage. Patrons at the bakery/restaurant have a choice when it comes to liquid sweeteners, either granulated or brown sugar-based.

interior lee marie.JPG
Emily Codik
Tasteful, rustic interior at the cakery and lunch spot

The endearing décor pairs rustic armoires with mismatched cake stands and modest floral arrangements. The wooden tables feature linen-like paper napkins, which are carefully rolled up and sealed with a L&M round sticker.

If it all sounds too charming, it's because that's exactly what Lee & Marie's is. At this new South Pointe café, lunch is all about the carefully orchestrated details -- like special straws, or signature accents.

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Lee & Marie's Cakery Company

40 S. Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL

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@SoFLBrgOverload I have your gift cert with me. Was gonna mail it today. Anywhere near midtown?


@TheChrisHags not even close. Plus I'll be in the Keys next 4 days :D


@SoFLBrgOverload you suck. Again no invite.


@Short_Order I went and I was not delight. The service as slow, the packaging poor , sorry but I was expecting more.


@BlueTAmiami which place was it? We posted a few pieces today.

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