Miami's Ten Best Buffets: Sunday Brunch, Unlimited Yucca and Modern Indian Cuisine

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Being a glutton may not fit well in Miami where cage-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and lactose-intolerant eaters flout their eating habits like fashion statements, but all foodies have their places. For binge eaters or those who are just really hungry, these are buffets.

We're not talking about Shoney's, but rather Brazilian steakhouses, upscale Sunday brunches and all-you-can-eat sushi. Feeling hungry? Drop by one of these places and gorge yourself.

10. Sandbar Lounge
A complimentary buffet is available to paying customers. Each day they have something different: Mondays are sandwiches and potato salad, Tuesdays are fried chicken, Wednesdays are taco nights, Thursdays they serve calzones and on Fridays they serve hot dogs. Sundays are all-you-can-eat chili, served during NFL football games. You can't beat it with a stick. And during Thanksgiving, they serve a free turkey dinner buffet for locals.

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9. Prana Health Food and Restaurant
Just because you're a vegetarian, that doesn't mean you can't throw caution to the wind when it comes to binge eating. For $9, it's all-you-can-eat, healthy vegetarian, and vegan dishes like eggplant lasagna and butternut squash soup. They also have a variety of fruit juice blends and smoothies. Does eating too much of a healthy thing kind of defeat the purpose?

7. Sweet Tomatoes

Sometimes you just want a huge freakin' salad, sometimes two or three, and there is nothing wrong with that. Besides a variety of prepared raw vegetables, they have a variety of soups, focaccia bread and ice cream machines. Lunch buffet is under $8 and the dinner buffet is under $10, drinks are extra. There's also a pasta bar, a bakery, and a small fruit bar. This place can get packed. Be prepared.

Location Info

Bellante's Pizza & Pasta

1684 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Aventura, FL

Category: Restaurant

Sandbar Lounge

6752 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Music

Prana Health Food & Restaurant

7293 NW 36th St., Doral, FL

Category: Restaurant

Biltmore Hotel & Resort

1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables, FL

Category: General

Shinju Japanese Buffet

8800 SW 72nd St., Kendale Lakes, FL

Category: Restaurant

Area Code 55 Brazilian Steakhouse

16375 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Bengal Modern Indian Cuisine

2010 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

David's Cafe - CLOSED

1058 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Edge Steak & Bar

1435 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Sweet Tomatoes

8405 Mills Dr, Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Niurka Reyes
Niurka Reyes

Chanelle Artiles Karen Carroll Biltmore Hotel


I'm glad to see you included a vegan/vegetarian buffet! I will check it out! Thanks.


Breakfast at the Eden Roc is the best value in the city.  Food is amazing and spread is wonderful and the buffet is less than $30.

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