Michael Bloise Joins Area 31 as Executive Sous-Chef

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Michael Bloise
Area 31 executive chef E. Michael Reidt has announced that Michael Bloise has joined his culinary team as executive sous-chef.

Reidt and Bloise have a longstanding relationship, forged in 2001 when Bloise worked under Reidt at Wish. Reidt said he handpicked Bloise for the position at Area 31 because of his "immersion into different culinary cultures and dedication to local and sustainable products."

Bloise has long been a fan of Reidt's culinary skills, calling his food "some of the most creative and exciting food in this town."

What did Bloise do when he got the call from Reidt?

"This summer, it seemed like the stars aligned for us to work together again, and I jumped at the chance," he says.

Bloise was executive chef at Wish from 2003 until 2008, then helped open American Noodle Bar, and most recently led the kitchen at Sushi Samba Dromo before departing this past July.

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Area 31

270 Biscayne Blvd. Way, Miami, FL

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