Anthony Bourdain No Reservations: The Seven Deadly Sins Edition (Video)

The Travel Channel
Bourdain. Man of many sins.
With the clock running down on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, it somehow seems like cheating to re-cut past seasons into special editions. Maybe Bourdain's run out of places in the world to visit, maybe he's busy planning bolder itineraries for his upcoming CNN debut.

But even though last evening's Seven Deadly Sins edition was a "best of" countdown, no one does "sin" better than our cousin Tony.

The Travel Channel
Rome. You could take a four hour tour of the Vatican. Or, you could make like a Roman and sit at a tiny outdoor spot and eat and drink for those same four hours. Considering this is the lust segment, which do you think our intrepid traveler does? At a sidewalk cafe known only as "X", Tony sits down for a steaming plate of cacio e pepe and lots of cheap wine. Eat the food then buy a postcard of the Pope. God will understand.

Normally one would think of a sauna as a slothful place in which to hang out, get a steam, and relax. Not in this house of pain. Instead, Tony lies down on a bed lined with a plastic shower curtain (I believe this is the same procedure the mob uses when they're about to whack you) and gets sliced open several times. Tiny cups are placed on the wounds as the suction action draws blood from each opening. Fun times, indeed.

Samantha Brown is the adorable perky host of her own Travel Channel show in which she tells us about the hidden gems of DisneyWorld and the beaches on Paradise Island. That makes her fodder for many Bourdain jokes. In this clip, the wrath of Samantha comes out as she tells Tony that his shows are all about men eating stuff and that people kiss his ass like it's an amuse bouche.

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