Who Wants a Copy of Hedy Goldsmith's Baking Out Loud?

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Get your free copy!
We love free stuff.

And we know you love free stuff.

That's why we're giving away a copy of Hedy Goldsmith's Baking Out Loud.

With this giveaway you can guarantee that a copy of Goldsmith's dessert bible is yours before it even hits the retail markets.

Your next batch of cookies might just be better than the last batch your burned. And your next homemade birthday cake might live up to the Goldsmith standard. Either way, praise the gods of confection -- sweet salvation is on its way!

See how to win a copy after the jump.

All you have to do is head on over to Facebook and "like" our page.

We'll post a link to this and in the comments section on Facebook, we want you to tell us why you deserve the book.

Is it because you're a die-hard Hedy fan? Or because you're a die-hard Short Order fan? Or maybe you just want a new cookbook. Maybe your neighbors said your brownies suck!

Whatever the reason may be, tell us why you should be picked for a free copy of Baking Out Loud and at 2 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, we'll announce a winner.

We give extra points for creativity!

Ready, set, go!

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Coco Palenque Torre
Coco Palenque Torre

Easy! Because 2 years ago Hedy was a judge at Slow Food Miami's Pies and Thighs and my 6 year old's Mango and ginger pie won second place!! Ever since then, she asks about Hedy and we go to see her at Michael's Genuine and Hedy so kindly remembers her and we always take pictures.

Vanessa Safie
Vanessa Safie

I deserve a free copy of Baking Out Loud because the holidays are coming up and if I don't bake something AMAZING for my family they will surely disown me! Please don't make me go on living my life baking funfetti cakes for my loved ones!

Fatgirl Hedonist
Fatgirl Hedonist

I've been a huge fan of Hedy Goldsmith since I discovered her sweets at Michael's Genuine. I still dream about the coconut scones with passion fruit curd that she made at Michael's (almost 2 years ago). Most importantly, I want to sell Hedy-esque treats at next year's Miami food blogger bake sale, which benefits the Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale.

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