Bumble Bees and Jail Stripes: Cutest Pups at Belle Meade Halloween Annual Dog Parade

Marguerite Gil
I'm embarrassed to bee a dog.
What could possibly be more ridiculous than dressing your puppy up for Halloween? If I, tried to put an article of clothing on my ferocious Doberman, I'd make the next day's newspaper headlines.

The story would read... Woman in an Upper Eastside neighborhood was attacked and eventually eaten by her pure bred, 95-pound, angry Doberman, because she thought it would be cute to dress him up with a home-made Halloween costume.

The police would probably not press charges against the dog because the woman was obviously insane and her actions against the animal would be considered a hate crime.

The lawyer for the dog would claim, "It was justifiable homicide. She deserved to be eaten. How crazed must she have been to try to dress an infuriated loved one?" When the dog would ultimately be questioned by the police, he would snarl, "Woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof and woof." Translation: "She embarrassed me. I had no choice but to eat her."

This past weekend, more than 75 dogs reluctantly showed up at our neighborhood doggie park dressed to the Halloween hilt, no doubt dragged there by their proud owners. For almost two hours the hesitant pooches competed for numerous prizes including restaurant certificates from Yiya's, Michy's, Devita's, Soyka, Dogma, Gourmet Station, UVA, Andiamo, La Cigale and several others eateries. The pups also vied for grooming deals and tasty treats.

Has the world gone to the dogs?

Marguerite Gil
I hate Halloween.

Marguerite Gil
Seriously, my ass is showing. Where are my panties?

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