Duffy's, LIV, Joe's: Fans Enjoy Another Dolphins Win and Great Chowremium Food Selections

Besides a spectacular view and a private entrance, Duffy's Hall of Champions seats sit you in a room with 40 flat screen TV's and leather chairs. Food selections range from hot dogs to prime rib, and include tortellini, chicken cordon bleu, an extensive salad bar and an exotic cheese tray. Of all the premium seats, Duffy's is also one of the most affordable. A season ticket plan gets you 10 games, including two preseason matches, for a relatively reasonable $2500. Those seats are in the first two rows, leaving the high tops and third row for individual game ticket buyers. Individual game seats, which run $300, are mostly sold out, but some are still available for the Bills, Seahawks and Titans games. The best part of having a Duffy's inside the stadium is that they stay open for 90 minutes following the game. Why sit in what could be unbearable traffic if you can pull up a chair and grab an ice cold beer while waiting out the rush? "Seeing familiar names like Duffy's and LIV really gives the stadium a hometown feel," said longtime season ticket holder Miguel Cedeno. "We've really enjoyed the additions they made over the past few seasons."
Anthony's Appetizersedited560.jpg
Casey Jorgenson
An amazing selection of appetizers in one of the Legends Clubs.
Building on the success of the partnership with Dufffy's, this season the Dolphins began offering an interesting alternative for those who don't want the 14-20 tickets usually mandatory for a club level suite. You can buy just two, four or maybe six seats and still be classified as a suite holder, giving you access to exclusive suite holder events like VIP Day at training camp and the annual celebrity golf tournament.

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Miami Dolphins Stadium

2269 NW 199th St., Miami Gardens, FL

Category: General

Duffy's Sports Grill

3969 NE 163rd St., North Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant

11 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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The food in the non-club concourse at Dolphins Stadium (a.k.a. Hooker Stadium: bit.ly/R0XCFy) is woefully bad.  The Dolphins and/or CenterPlate really need to do something about it.  Maybe getting rid of CenterPlate is the first step.  The food at Marlins Ballpark (and even America Airlines Arena) is 10 times better.  


Separately, Casey Jorgenson needs to discover the focus option on his or her smart phone camera.

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