Edward Archibold News: Ten Ways To Eat Insects Safely

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Insects -- it's what's for dinner.
The internet is abuzz with the story of Edward Archibold, a 32 year-old West Palm Beach man who died last Friday after winning a roach eating contest at Ben Siegel Reptile Store in Deerfield Beach.

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Though the insects consumed during the competition were not raised specifically for human consumption, there are many places that sell bugs designed for people to eat.

In fact, entomophagy, or insect eating, is practiced by most of the world, with many street vendors offering up scorpions on a stick, fried grubs, or sauteed waxworms as a tasty alternative protein. According to a 2010 edible insect conference, over 80 percent of the world's population include insects as part of their diet. Currently 1,400 insects of the nearly one million species have been identified as safe for human consumption.

Whether oven-baked, fried, salted, or dipped in chocolate, these insects are safe and tasty.

10. Crick-ettes
These little insects are dried and flavored for your enjoyment.Cricket-ettes come in salt & vinegar, bacon & cheese, and sour cream & onion and are only nine calories per serving -- perfect for a diet-conscious snack! At only $1.95 per package, you might just be saying "Jiminy Cricket -- that's good eating"!

9. Toasted Scorpions
These farm-raised scorpions are detoxified so you don't have to worry about any venom. Oven toasted and lightly salted, they come in a handy tube. About $16.

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