Frog in Your Salad? Five Gross Things Discovered in Florida Foods

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If the South is the Bible Belt, Florida is the Bizarre Belt. With entire blogs and news sites devoted to the oddities that often occur in our little piece of paradise -- few would argue that we reign supreme as far as freakishness. And this weirdness, of course, also applies to food.

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We've all heard stories of razor blades found in candy bars and mouse droppings in a diner's daily special -- but Florida has an exceptionally prodigious history of weird shit popping up in our edibles. Just this week, a woman found a live frog in her salad.

So courtesy of Short Order, here's a list of the top five weirdest things found in food here in Florida. This is our state folks -- let's embrace it. Is it lunchtime yet?

5. Deep Fried Chicken Heart
A standard bucket of good old fashioned fried chicken is likely to include thighs, breasts, wings - the usual suspects. Other body parts? Not so often. But one Ocala, Florida, man ripped open a box of hot, greasy Popeye's chicken only to discover an Edgar Allen Poe style situation. But seriously - if you're already eating the rest of Big Bird's body, is his heart that big of a deal? Just sayin'.

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