Grovetoberfest: A Celebration of Beer in Peacock Park (Pictures)

All photos by Laine Doss
Break out those dirndls. It's Grovetoberfest.
Though the Saturday morning skies were full of rain, the beer gods were smiling down on Grovetoberfest. By the time the gates opened on the event, held in Coconut Grove's Peacock Park, the afternoon was sunny and cool, allowing over 6,000 people to enjoy over 200 brews, live music, and food.

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"I scheduled the weather to rain in the morning. That was, the afternoon would be beautiful", quipped event organizer Tony Albelo.

Event goers were given a token and asked to vote for their favorite beers in a number of categories. The winners are:

Fan Favorites
Best American Craft Beer - Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Best Import - Staropramen
Wild Card - Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear

Miami Homebrew Competition

Best of Show - Miami Weiss
Gasolina Category (10%+ ABV) - Danny Morales, "Blood of the Uruk Hai"
Hop Forward Category - Zach Bush "Great Blue Yonder Pale Ale"
Malt Forward Category - Mark Free "Double Black Diamond"
Balanced Category - Elijah Auger "Miami Weiss"

"A Leprechaun, a Scotsman, and a babe in a dirndl walk into a beer festival........"

Grovetoberfest event organizer, Tony Albelo, was on hand to oversee the event.

Even the food was beer related. Brats in beer, giant pretzels, and burgers topped with beer relish were among the edible offerings.

Here's a lineup people actually wanted to pose for.

Pretzel necklace at a beer event? Best invention ever!

What do you do when you're the local roller derby team and you need to raise some funds? Hold an old fashioned bake sale!

Pincho Factory's sriracha topped potato chips got our vote as best food item. Munchable and sharable, we're stealing the idea as a TV snack.

The more he drinks...the better we look.

Michael Schwartz, Bradley Herron, and crew pouring the Michael's Genuine Home Brew.

If you're drinking beer from a glass you're doing it wrong, according to the Misfit Home Brew guys.

The Bruno fan club was seen enjoying a refreshing beer at Grovetoberfest.

Best brew name goes to Misfit's "Here Comes Honey Dew Dew".

Friends don't let friends drive drunk...but feel free to sit in the car while waiting for your taxi!

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Peacock Park

2820 McFarlane Road, Coconut Grove, FL

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Looks like a fun event but Miami is a terrible beer town, WAY behind the national curve. To really experience a great local beer scene head someplace like Chicago, Philly, or Portland.


 @paul We all need to start somewhere. Miami is ahead of the curve on certain things like fashion and music, but behind for sure with craft beer.  I can assure you that events like Grovetoberfest help push the craft agenda in South Florida.  We have one commercial brewery now (Schnebly) and we should have 3 within the next few months. So be patient, Miami will catch up.



 Miami's beer scene is growing by leaps and bounds. We'll get there...


 @paul All I can say is that if you think the scene is bad now, you should have seen it 6-7 years ago. It was nowhere. These days, there's a beer event pretty much every weekend, sometimes several times in a week. If you can't find something to do beer-wise these days, you're not trying.

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