Kenny Gilbert No Longer With 50 Eggs and Swine Southern Table & Bar

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Short Order has just received word that chef Kenny Gilbert has departed from 50 Eggs.

"50 eggs has chosen to part ways with chef Kenny Gilbert," they said in a statement to us. "We wish him well in his next endeavor."

Gilbert has been with 50 Eggs as a managerial concept organizer of sorts for the cooperation. He was set to act as an advisor for the barbecue concept of the Swine project. Yardbird's pork-centric sister restaurant, Swine Southern Table & Bar, is slated to open in Coral Gables before the year's end.

His departure will not change the much-anticipated restaurant's opening date.

A rep for 50 Eggs told us that a new chef has already been hired to replace Gilbert's responsibilities, but further details on him could not be given at this time.

When we asked whether Gilbert left voluntarily or not, the rep declined to comment.

Gilbert was scheduled to take part in New Times' Iron Fork event and organizers are currently trying to figure out how they will handle the change.

Stay tuned for news on who takes Gilbert's place at Swine (and potentially at Iron Fork).

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Swine Southern Table & Bar

2415 Ponce De Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL

Category: Restaurant

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Love chef Kenny. Can't wait to see where he goes next.

D.f. Basora
D.f. Basora

Wow. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to Iron Fork no matter what and I'm sure it'll be better than last year! But I was hoping to see or meet Chef Gilbert. wow....smdh...


what the heck happened?  50 eggs was so high on this guy just one week ago . . .


@ARodWrites @short_order losing your chef a month before open cant be a good sign.

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