Love & Vegetables Vegan Pop-Up: Beet-Red Quinoa and Blueberry Polenta in Little Haiti

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When my little posse and I rolled up to the fence surrounding Earth N Us Farms in Little Haiti, I wore a confident face in an attempt to reassure my obviously skeptical guests.

The truth is, though, that I was nearly as apprehensive about the vegan pop-up event we were about to attend as they were. All I knew about Earth N Us was that a number of hippie-types live on-site, some of them in a tree house. Our first glimpses of the 2.5-acre farm showed us plots of greens with the occasional granola-type crossing our path and offering a serene smile and a welcoming hello. I picked up the scent of farm animals somewhere ahead. Having never seen pictures of the area the volunteers behind the once-monthly "by donation" vegan pop-up designate for the event, I wasn't sure if we'd be sitting in the dirt, eating with our hands, or chanting for our supper. I love earthiness, but as a vegan who's a bit more J. Crew than thrift store, I was a little nervous that this experience might be a bit far out for me and my golf-playing, Jeep-driving, Ralph Lauren-wearing little gang.

Long story short, it was just far out enough to mesmerize and delight every guest at the standing room only event. Read on to find out why, and how you can reserve for next month's event before it's too late (at press time, they were already half booked).

In "regular restaurant" fashion, a hostess looked up our reservation and sat us at a table on a spacious open-air deck, right near the little kitchen, where we got to peer in on the highly organized food preparation and expediting that was already underway.

And it makes sense that it would all be highly organized. Though the "chakra-balancing" dining concept might be new age, as it turns out, the volunteer chefs behind the event are all professionals either working in popular mainstream restaurants or studying to become pro chefs. Keith Kalmanowicz, a northeastern Pennsylvania transplant, is a chef at Michael's Genuine Food, Chantelle Sookram is a Trinidadian-New Jerseyite and a culinary student at Johnson and Wales, and Diego Luis was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but is now a chef at BLT Steakhouse. Love & Vegetables is a passion project for them, aimed at raising money to open a non-profit plant-based vegan restaurant, and each of their seven-plus chakra-themed courses came out in an efficient stream of colorful plant-based deliciousness.

red chakra.jpg
First course: red vegetables, grains, and legumes to address the red chakra.
The first was a plate of red, the color of the root chakra, which research tells me is located at the base of the spine and is said to rule our physical energies. Red quinoa, red beans, red pepper, red onion, cranberries, beets and in-house fermented radishes made up the first course. Not only was the dish nicely balanced with its sweet, acrid, and savory flavors, but it was beautifully presented as well.

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Earth 'n' Us Farm

7630 NE 1st Ave., Miami, FL

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Thanks so much for the lovely review!

You, your sister and other Ralph Lauren-wearing friends are always welcome to come kick it with us hippies back at the Earth n Us Farm.

Green Blessings,

The Tea Queen

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