Machiya Ramen Noodle House to Open in Midtown

machiya rice salmon.jpg
Machiya via Facebook
Japanese soul food coming soon.
Midtown is expecting.

Machiya Ramen Noodle House, a Japanese comfort-food joint, is slated to open October 15 in midtown at 3250 NE First Ave., next to Ricochet Bar & Lounge. The name Machiya refers to wooden townhouses found throughout Japan in which the front of the buildings usually serve as retail shops or restaurant space.

The star of the house is expected to be handmade noodles made fresh daily.

"Our real, authentic version of homemade noodle soup is unlike anything previously seen," says director of operations Rojarate Jitrakul. Machiya's menu will range from small plates, sashimi, and unique salads such as steamed rock shrimp buns with spicy aioli, tuna "pizza," sweet sake roast black cod, and filet mignon "Yukke" with Asian pear.

Signature dishes include six types of ramen: Japanese custard chicken with snow crab and black truffle, kimchee pork belly with crispy shallots, and dote nabe red-miso-braised short rib, among others. "We want our guests to truly know homemade ramen, the real Japanese soul food," Jitrakul says.

Given all the hype, I decided to check out the place.

Michiya interior.JPG
Photo by Alex Rodriguez
Better than Ikea.
As you can see, no stone was left unturned when it came to the creativity regarding the restaurant's interior design.

I admit, though, that all of this talk about ramen led to one thing. Promise not to judge.


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Please let an influx of ramen restaurants replace the horrid burger fad.

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

looks like another pretentious Miami establishment... I'm betting slurping won't be allowed or encouraged and you won't be able to get a dish under $10....

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