Miami's Five Best Offal Dishes for Halloween

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Instead of bringing some insipid blood-covered body part made of candy to the costumed alcohol binge you'll be attending this week, head to your neighborhood grocer and buy a pound or so of fresh beef hearts. Season them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and perhaps some cumin if you're feeling frisky. Grill 'em, dice 'em, and bring 'em to the party with little pieces of toast and horseradish sauce. Wait till everyone is belligerently drunk; then feed them. After they've swallowed, tell them what they ate. Report back their responses.

Turns out fresh beef heart ain't all that bad, and to most people it's undistinguishable from a "normal" cut of beef. Maybe that girl dressed up as a slutty Psy doing her best whore-inspired "Gangnam Style" will retch her last four drinks, but everyone else might like it.

Offal, the innards and undesirable cuts of animals once destined for the trash, has always been on the menus of hard-core ethnic restaurants. But it's becoming more mainstream, seemingly thanks to celebrity chef culture and food-obsessed media.

There are plenty of restaurants serving tender, tasty bits of guts, and you never have wait until Halloween to chow down. If you haven't gotten started, now is the time.

Zachary Fagenson
Oxtail and brussel sprouts.

5. Braised oxtail at Blue Collar
Chef Daniel Serfer's tiny Biscayne Boulevard restaurant has become a favorite for its filling homestyle food. Each night he offers a special braised dish. It might be brisket or pot roast, but if you're lucky, it'll be oxtail. The cow's tail is chopped off and sliced into short cylinders. Serfer slow-braises the meat, leaving it fork-tender. If you're not into eating the odd cuts, this is a great place to start. Just don't look too long at the cleaned tail bones after you've finished.

Location Info

Sushi Deli

1412 79th St. Causeway, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Pho Thang

9539 SW 160th St., Palmetto Bay, FL

Category: Restaurant


1418 20th St., Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

Blue Collar

6730 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

Category: Restaurant

Sushi Deli

1412 79th St. Causeway, Miami Beach, FL

Category: Restaurant

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