Mitt Romney Eats at Chipotle, Employee's Facial Expression Hilarious

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Never one to feel comfortable out of the spotlight, presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited a Colorado Chipotle for lunch today. After feasting on burrito bowls and guac, he went about his campaign fan duty.

But while posing for photos with fellow Chipotle guests and assorted admirers, one employee stole the spotlight right from underneath the Rominator.

Naturally, the moment quickly became an Internet meme.

This makes us wonder where Romney will choose to dine the next time he visits Miami. Wherever it is, Short Order will be there ready to photograph anyone willing to pull a stunt like this and get us on the map. (We already know it won't be Versailles because he just ate there a few weeks ago.)

All right, troops, man your battle stations. Ready aaaand break!

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It is sad to see that this publication is sooooo biased. Stop being such spoiled liberal snots. Obama is so incompetent but the Miami New Times can's admit its error.

GetReal 1 Like

 @Hussein  some call it bias, some call it common sense.   Voting for a George W. Bush clone is called pure stupidity.

FartFace 1 Like

this honkey said our white rice wasn't white enough

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